Pulse Radio 2.0 Project Timeline

Audio Stories 

This week the girls are preparing 20 Audio Stories and writing articles on the subjects they prepared. In the next weeks we will select the stories down to 12 and start preparing the text on English and its proofreading. 

Hey world!

Here is the story of two young journalists from Moldova:

Youth Council Prilep in cooperation with Artico give us a opportunity to be a part of awesome Erasmus + project “Pulse Radio 2.0” in Prilep, Macedonia.

Our plan is to discover as many local histories as possible, to engage with the young people here and to give them a media support. 

We are also here to tell you as much as possible about our country, about local traditions, music, art, and the preferences of Moldovan youth. We’re going to realise 12 audio stories that will bring you closer to our values and cultural diversity.

Let’s discover the world together, keep the tradition and promote the things we believe in!

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